FIRE Safety Engineering

Watershed provides clients with fire safety engineering design services on commercial projects which ultimately deliver the required levels of safety while reducing the overall project spend on fire safety and equipment.

The introduction of the performance based Building Code of Australia 1996 heralded the introduction of fire safety engineering and alternative building solutions into the mainstream building and construction industry.

Where once prescriptive codes dictated the form and structure of our built environment, performance based regulations have created an opportunity for innovation and freedom of design while not compromising on health, safety and amenity through the use of specific design solutions tailored to each individual development.


The Watershed team offers the unique skill base of being both registered building surveyors and fire safety engineers. As such, our knowledge and understanding of prescriptive codes is matched by our knowledge of the development of fire safety engineering designs and alternative solutions. We believe this provides our clients with an advantage in that we are well placed to provide advice and guidance on matters where the use of the performance provisions over compliance with deemed-to-satisfy provisions, and vice versa, will provide the best result by simplifying construction, reducing costs and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Watershed Building Consultants

  • Watershed offers a complete statewide building permit and inspection service to clients that design, build, and develop residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
  • Watershed prepares maintenance schedules for essential safety measures in addition to carrying out maintenance inspections and certifying annual maintenance reports.